Balancing Energy to Manage and Reduce Stress

As I get closer to sharing the full daily stress elimination journal and planner, I’m going to unveil things in sections to go through them in a bit more detail. That way, when you see the full product, it’ll make *a lot* more sense!

This week, I’m going to delve back into energy maximization. When it comes to reducing and managing stress, I’ve found a direct correlation between stress levels and my ability to manage and maximize my energy levels.

Each day, there are things I have to do, want to do, and maybe both. Of those things, each one of them will either give me an energy boost or drain some energy. And no two days are the same. One day the same task may drain me where the following day, it may give me a boost. We aren’t static beings, right? This is normal! The key is to being able to balance things out so that we aren’t too heavily weighted in any one direction; allowing things to flow while also, you know, handing our business.

Why should we not expect to be able to do things that expressly energize us? Well, that wouldn’t be realistic, would it? We can certainly adjust mindset and make the most of the things that are naturally draining, but they will still drain us. And honestly, trying to force ourselves to like it may drain us even more. Part of self-compassion is accepting who we are, including the things that light us up, and the things that dull that spark.

So what if we could accept these necessary but draining tasks because we are simultaneously building in plenty of things to counter that by boosting energy? Or even better, what if we used those energy boosters *first* to propel us through some of the more draining tasks?

This is why planning, combined with the ability to quickly shift gears, are so important. First: make a plan. Second: tweak as we go; as our mood, needs, and availability change; and as life happens and things come up.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at how we’ll be able to very simply track this very important factor. Feel free to use this now to get a feel! It can certainly be useful on its own to get a feel for where each day/week will shake out. And I promise, it’ll be even better when all of the other areas begin to join this first piece of the puzzle.

Next week, I’ll circle back to stress-care and self-care so we can identify and integrate those into daily planning. This is where we’ll being to see where things overlap and how we can use this to our advantage to work *and* rest smarter.




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