We Can’t Outwork Stress

A little slideshow today!

I was able to get outside this morning and just felt so much better after 20 minutes in the fresh air. You know, managing stress is different for everyone, and it’s really not the same as “self care” because often things that help us cope with stress are actually work.

And then I got to thinking about how we can’t outwork stress in the traditional sense of diet and exercise alone; it wreaks too much havoc on the body. Plus, the scale is not an indicator of health, period.

In fact, focusing on the scale can turn productive coping mechanisms into unhealthy, STRESSFUL ones.

Movement should be fun. Food should be nourishing *and* taste good. And truly dealing with stress involves a lot more than just those two things.

We have to also go inward. We have to address the things that prevent us from doing positive things for ourselves, and allow ourselves to redefine what is positive in our lives, rather than trying to fit into someone else’s version.

Let’s dare to address root causes of feeling crappy in a world that wants us to buy into someone else’s idea of “health”.

I promise we’ll feel a heck of a lot better for it.

Pssst – if you need help figuring out what works for you, please reach out. My passion is helping you figure out your own cheat-code to hack stress.





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