Coaching Myself Through Burnout Using SMART Goals

When I began putting stuff into this social media world for the purpose of helping other people, I told myself I would remain as authentic as possible.

That’s hard at times… a lot of times; finding the balance between being genuine while still retaining privacy; questioning whether the exhibition of vulnerability is interpreted as being done strictly for performative purposes.

Maybe I’m overthinking things…

Can you relate?

Anyway, instead of a normal blog/vlog, here’s some real talk about recognizing when we are starting to feel burnout, and how I’m actively working on it this week using techniques I’ve learned as a certified health coach.

I also explain my thought process behind each goal so you can use this technique to set your own SMART goals.

PSST: SMART goals can be used by anyone for almost anything, and are my #1 tip to convert our desires into actionable steps.


A summary of my goals for the week:

1. No work until after workout is complete each morning

2. 10-15 minute walk in the middle of the day

3. Start dinner by 7:30 pm each evening

4. Phone down by 10:00 pm each evening



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