Countdown to Stretch More, Stress Less


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It’s almost here! A few more details about the program before its release next week:

  • 10-minutes per day

    • Program will start with 60 seconds of breathing exercises and end with 60 seconds in a relaxation pose with 8 minutes of stretching in between.

    • Feel free to stay in stretches and/or the final relaxation pose for longer if you have the time. The more time you are able to put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.

  • Combines breathing exercises, meditation, and stretching

    • Your time is important – and not always easy to come by – so we are definitely going to multitask.

  • Same session each day; new session released each week

    • Exercise should generally not be performed 7 days per week, but gentle stretching of the body is definitely on the daily menu. The current plan is to release a new week for 4 weeks total, and we’ll go from there.

    • Going through the same stretches each day for the week allows the body to gain familiarity so the focus can be elsewhere, not on how to get into a pose, etc.

  • Mentally prepare for the day in the morning or relax and unwind for rest in the evening

    • Our schedules are different, and our opportunity for a breather may not happen – or need to happen – first thing in the morning or just before bed.

    • This can be done anytime, almost anywhere; you just need a chair/bench/ottoman and a few feet of floor space.

  • Learn to activate the body’s relaxation response

    • Breathing exercises included are designed to increase respiratory capacity and activate the body’s relaxation response.

    • We’ve all heard of the fight or flight response – that rush of adrenaline you get when acute stress hits – and its worst enemy is your ability to activate the body’s relaxation response.

    • Once learned, the technique can be used anywhere to help deal with stress.

  • Slow, gentle stretching –  3 variations of each pose included – all ages/levels welcome

    • We are not looking for deep stretches that will dramatically increase flexibility, and I didn’t want to include anything complex that would take a lot of time to transition into; the point here is to give the body a gentle stretch in easy-to-maneuver positions so the mind can focus on breath and ensure the poses are welcoming and not intimidating.

    • There will be 3 versions of each stretch provided to account for nearly all experience levels. Please remember, at times we may be nimbler in one area than another, so feel free to mix-and-match versions/levels that work for you

  • PDF download with embedded images and videos

    • Includes all pose variations with audio explaining proper form

    • Great to do at your own pace

  • Real time video

    • Stretch in real time without added talking; includes calming music and cues to move from pose to pose; variations shown in video with picture-in-picture; can be played from Vimeo or YouTube.



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