Exercise Doesn’t Cure Depression

Sometimes I wake up with a strong urge to pass along a message. I’m not sure where it comes from (though I have a hunch), but I go with it.

I wanted to touch on the idea of exercise being this seemingly magic cure-all for depression. Look, it can help A LOT, but I think it’s important to keep things in perspective.

Physical activity has a wealth of benefits for our minds and bodies, but that does not mean it’s a mental health cure-all. Studies have shown physical activity helps improve mild depression, but makes little impact alone on clinical depression. That said, it can work well for clinical depression as part of an overall plan that often includes pharmacological intervention.

If you’re working out and still feeling shitty, you’re not “doing it wrong.” Sometimes activity isn’t the solution, but rather part of the solution.

And if physical activity has helped you keep mild depression in check, that’s fantastic, *but* I recommend ensuring you have some other tried-and-true methods, as well. It can be dangerous to put all of our stress-care eggs in one basket; if that method is taken from us, for whatever reason, it’s in our best interest to have alternative ways to help manage our (mental) health.

Perhaps this is something you needed to hear?

Remember, there is no one magic formula or activity for feeling better. We each have own special recipe. And how beautiful is that?



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