Flexibility for Resilience

It’s no coincidence the definitions of flexible and resilient have similarities. The reality is we generally don’t have one without the other. This certainly works as a physical metaphor, but I’m talking mental perspective today.

Change can be difficult. Especially when it isn’t change we’ve chosen. Learning and embracing new parts of ourselves can also be difficult. 

We aren’t static beings. We aren’t meant to currently function – physically, mentally, emotionally – as we did years ago. Even maybe days ago. We are ever-changing beings with an ever-changing world around us. We need to be flexible. Our ability to pivot and pick ourselves up depends on it.

This has been a poignant lesson for me the past few years, but especially this past few months. I’ve had a lot of changes with my internal schedule and have had to take some time to figure out what works for me now.

I used to be the type of person that needed a couple hours of being awake before being truly coherent. The idea that I’d wake up and start working would have been ludicrous. My routine was to be up for a bit, get my workout done, and that signified that official start to my day.

That’s all changed now. My body has decided it likes to get up early. My brain likes to dump things out first thing in the morning, and cross things off the list. That’s great except… it has thrown off the rest of my schedule. I’ve  had to play with it to figure out what works for me. It’s been a process. I spent awhile fighting it and beating myself up for not fitting into this pattern that used to work for me. But what good is that? 

Ultimately the adjustments that I’ve needed to make are more mental and emotional than anything else. I’ve needed to just allow myself to be flexible, listen to my body, and figure out how to integrate that with the other things in my life and schedule that I cannot control.  

I’m not a failure for not fitting into a box I previously created for myself. I’ve outgrown that box. I need a new one. That’s all.

Oh! And I am starting to feel a lot better. I’ve released a lot of the guilt I was harboring for no good reason. Just because we’ve always done things one way doesn’t mean we always have to or will. 

We must allow ourselves the freedom to be flexible so we can be unbreakable.

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