Certified Health Coach

  • Goals are identified by the client with tools for successful execution provided by the coach
  • Focused on helping people improve overall health and wellbeing
  • Focused on long-term lifestyle goals built through frequent, smaller goals
  • Collaborates with a network of professionals in other areas to provide comprehensive lifestyle tools and care

Reasons to Seek a Certified Health Coach

  • Prevention of chronic disease through lifestyle medicine (diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, arthritis, autoimmune, etc.)
  • Reduction of symptoms associated with chronic disease
  • Reduction of pharmacological dependence to manage chronic disease
  • Adjustments toward better nutrition
  • Adjustments toward increased physical activity
  • Explore ways to manage stress and which forms of self-care work for you
  • Explore ways to improve sleep habits and quality
  • Explore mind-body connection
  • Build confidence through goal-setting and accomplishment in every facet of life

Certified Personal Trainer

  • Goals are set collaboratively between trainer and client with trainer offering suggestions for improvements
  • Focused on fitness-related goals including body mechanics to improve daily functioning
  • Generally focused on shorter-term goals potentially as part of a long-term plan
  • Works within given scope of practice to provide tools and information related to physical activity


Reasons to Seek a Certified Personal Trainer

  • Specific fitness goal like running a race
  • Reduce general aches and pains
  • Desire to build muscular strength or endurance
  • Desire to work on posture, form, and/or function
  • Desire to explore which types of physical activity work best for your body and lifestyle
  • Need to improve body composition per medical recommendation
  • Need to improve cardiovascular health per medical recommendation
  • Use of movement to manage and prevent chronic disease