Moving Knowledge to Action

This is the last in our series of identifying triggers to ultimately begin working toward either addressing our needs or coping with a current inability to do so.

Understanding the origins of our triggers is not an easy task, but once we do, we can use this information to help ourselves when these triggers arise. Sometimes that means giving ourselves some tough love and identifying things we can do to meet those needs; sometimes it means finding ways to cope when we are unable to satisfy that need in the way we’d like. It’s important to recognize when we can and cannot control the ability to meet our needs in various ways, and how to proceed from there.

Because one unmet need can be expressed in a hundred different ways, it’s important to be able to address the unmet need in relation to that particular situation. Annnnd I’ve created a worksheet to do just that!

I have filled it out using 2 different scenarios with the same unmet need to help illustrate how this can be used.

The downloadable version is a fillable PDF, so it’s a little neater than these… 



I hope you found this useful!



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