Relive It Until We Learn From It

I’ve had a lot of random stuff happen lately that has been… frustrating to say the least.

An older version of myself would have gotten annoyed. Probably angry. Almost definitely looking for someone or something to blame. Doing the whole “why me?” or “just my luck” thing. But I’ve stopped doing that.

I’ve started to take a step back to try to find the similarities within the issues. And funny enough, somewhere in there, I always find the lesson.

  • Sometimes it’s that I need to slow down.
  • Sometimes it’s that I need to stop procrastinating.
  • Sometimes it’s that I need to have more faith in myself or others.
  • Sometimes it’s that I need to take control of my own mood and mindset.
  • Sometimes it’s that I need to let things go and be okay with a lack of control.

Not every lesson is pleasant or needs to be learned because of my own behavior per se, but they’re all necessary.

Why does this matter?

Mood affects everything. It affects our ability to think clearly and rationally, to be productive or relax, to stress or not to stress, and how we interact with others.

It affects every part of our day; it matters.

We owe it to ourselves – and everyone around us – to wield the power we hold over our mood and mindset, to learn the lessons so we aren’t walking around with unnecessary chips on our shoulders.

Ultimately, we will just keep reliving it until we learn from it.

[By the way, I am not talking about things like abuse here – that is NEVER okay. Sure, there are lessons within ANY experience, but the only important thing in an unsafe/unhealthy situation is to safely get out of it. Lessons will come with healing.]



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