Self-Care and Stress-Care – What’s the Difference?

PSST: top secret health formula!

Part self-compassion, part self-discipline, part self-awareness


Okay, I know… MUCH easier said than done.

Let’s get to it:


  • Generally provides short-term relief
  • Is enjoyable in the moment
  • Can include things that are “indulgent” or “frivolous”
  • Common barriers: time, money, feelings of guilt


  • Mani/pedi/massage
  • Meal prep/delivery services
  • Netflix and chill
  • Bath bombs, wine, a journal, & a pen
  • Boxed mac and cheese for dinner



  • Helps manage/reduce stress over the long-term
  • Not enjoyable in the moment
  • Help us function better – physically, emotionally, and/or intellectually
  • Common barriers: time, desire


  • 150 minutes of moderate activity/week
  • Consistency with adequate nutrition
  • Feeling & dealing instead of projecting & deflecting
  • Preparing, planning, & organizing

The Sweet Spot





  • Things that are enjoyable in the moment and good for us long-term
  • Self-awareness helps us mix these two together – what we need plus what we want
  • Common barriers: lack of perspective and/or self-awareness


  • Truly enjoyable physical activity
  • Eating a mixture of foods that feed the soul and fuel the body
  • Prioritizing energy maximization over time management

I’m going to dive into this much deeper over the next few weeks tying in the topics I’ve been covering since March (!!), and we’ll wrap it up with a worksheet that can be used to *drumroll please* find actual balance!

The worksheet is a living document that is designed to function like a planner, flowing with you so you can make decisions based on what you need and want at any given time.

We all love to share self-care, but what’s your favorite stress-care activity? Hey, you never know who you may inspire with what works for you!



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