Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast

This is another simple saying that has been life-changing for me.

You know when you’re in a rush and you start to get frantic? I mean, most of us do it – it’s natural. If we’re running late, we instinctively pick up the pace, but how often have we ended up moving too quickly, just creating more issues along the way? Trying to rush through prepping that smoothie only to end up with an overflowing cup that makes a mess; trying to find that missing shoe, running back and forth, when it was being overlooked in an obvious place the whole time; it’s endless.

I first heard this on a podcast a year or two ago, but in doing a little research to make sure I’m giving credit where it’s due, I found it’s actually a military saying (special operators/Navy SEALs is what Google tells me). Who knew?! Well, maybe a lot of you, but I didn’t. ANYWAY.

After hearing this saying on the podcast, I started repeating it to myself like a mantra every time I begin to rush through something, and it has made a monumental difference. It’s helped me to realize that rushing takes me out of my routines and habits, and that is usually the cause of subsequent issues.

The more we do something, the more accurate and efficient we become. It also becomes more instinctual for us. If we try to then do that same thing differently, it makes sense that we’d be thrown off, right?! So in a rush, I would do things out of order to “save time,” or pay less attention because I’m focused on what comes next, and it just ends up costing me more time in the end. But this mental process of slowing down allows me to get back to acting out of instinct and experience, which has afforded me the ability to get things done more smoothly, and therefore more quickly.

It’s also helped me to realize how being mindful of what I am doing makes a huge impact on not only ease and speed, but my mood. I HATE rushing. Hate it. For starters, I don’t like loud noise to the point where I don’t even like *making* loud noise, but whenever I rush, I end up annoying myself with the volume level. I digress.

Anyway, it’s not just that: all these little annoyances or issues caused by rushing are just that – annoyances. Frustrations. Unnecessary ones. Sure, I can make the most of it and force myself to laugh while I’m officially running late because I’m cleaning up a spilled mess, but I’d prefer to avoid spilling it to begin with, you know?!

Rather than focusing on the next task at hand, this helps me to focus on what I’m doing. It forces me to be present; to be mindful along the way. That alone is… calming. It’s the antithesis of sloppily rushing through something.

So that’s it! I just had to share this little nugget that’s made such a difference for me in hopes that it may help you, too.

Have a great week, friends!



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