Stress Management Coaching


Health Coaching With Shauna Jackson

All Roads Lead to Stress

Through a combination of personal and professional experiences, I have come to the concrete conclusion that stress is the common denominator in most health issues.
But if that’s the case, why aren’t we approaching our health from the perspective of stress management?
Well, I think  it’s time we start doing just that.

Stress management coaching provides tools to deal with the emotional and physical effects of accumulated stress. Some examples of methods and topics covered within stress management

  • Increase self-awareness for triggers that lead to negative thought processes
  • Separate productive from destructive coping mechanisms
  • Identify preferred methods to release the physical accumulations of stress
  • Learn how to stimulate the body’s parasympathetic response to slow the heart rate and reduce adrenaline in even the most stressful of situations
  • Tools to separate controllable stressors and how to begin breaking those down and eliminating them

Stress management works best when we have regular contact with one another. For this reason, coaching sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis with a mid-point check-in.

Pricing and packages offer multiple options depending on budget and current level of readiness.


All packages include:
  • Free initial 60-minute session
  • Weekly 30-minute session via phone or video (client preference)
  • Mid-week check-in via text or e-mail (client preference)
  • Access to private FB group
  • Access to exercise library (coming soon!)
  • Additional as-needed support available via text/e-mail throughout the week
  • Exclusive discounts on other services/packages

I recommend scheduling an introductory call before purchasing sessions. This is a quick 15-minute chat to get a feel for each other. Just as you would when seeking any other medical or mental health professional, it’s important to find the right fit and make sure you feel comfortable from the start. We can also discuss which package best meets your needs during our call.