The Benefits of Warm Lemon Water

One of the things I’ve been consistent with in the past when in the groove with my health routines is starting my day with warm lemon water. I’m going to list some of the benefits below with a link to the information source, but I will say this: whatever this list says, I definitely feel better when I start my day this way. Look, I LOVE my coffee. I really do. But it’s worth it to wait a bit after some lemon water to have that first cup.

  • Aids in digestion (helps break down food)

  • Helps stay hydrated (easily increase water intake by starting day rehydrating)

  • Contains phytonutrients (protect body from disease)

  • Good source of vitamin C (prevents injury & cell damage)

  • Good source of potassium (super important for muscle function; aids in fluid regulation)

  • Can prevent kidney stones (by increasing hydration)

I keep it super simple in the morning and just slice a lemon in half (save other half), stab the pulp with a fork to get it going, and squeeze into lukewarm water, about 10-12oz. Drink up! Try not to eat or drink anything else for about 15 minutes afterward to give it some time to work alone. I like to work alone in the morning, too.

Information Source